School Based Education
Green Angel is a comprehensive education program which includes activities such as introductory talks, field trips, reward schemes, and food upcycling workshops that aim at inspiring school children to cherish food, to care for the needy in our society, as well as to learn about food waste, hunger, and poverty issues.
Corporate Engagement
 Corporate Angel engages corporations in performing their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) through their support for Food Angel’s mission, “Waste Not, Hunger Not, With Love”. Through a spectrum of CSR activities including the Food Angel Food Preparation Program, Food Up-cycling Workshops, Talks, Community Events, and corporate initiated fundraising activities, corporate volunteers can help reduce food waste at the source and to serve the people in need of food assistance, and help raise funds for the program.。
Foodstep Journey

Foodstep Journey is the first experience centre in Hong Kong that advocates the virtue of cherishing food and caring for the community. During the journey, participants will be introduced to interesting facts about ‘Food Smart’, as well as issues of food wastage and elderly poverty in Hong Kong.

At our centre, participants will become Rice Warriors and will challenge themselves to reduce their individual wastage. Through interactive games, virtual reality films and other activities, Rice Warriors will experience what ‘No Pain, No Grain’ really means and reflect on their responsibilities.